Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey — it was a setup. The real killer is Olenna Tyrell, or, more accurately, Littlefinger, by way of Olenna Tyrell. You didn’t forget about Littlefinger, did you?

During the wedding, Olenna approaches Sansa to apologize for the death of her family at the Red Wedding. During the scene, Olenna fondles Sansa’s necklace and discreetly palms one of the jewels, and in the next scene the jewel is missing from Sansa’s necklac. It’s subtle, but it’s definitely there (or, rather, not there). Olenna even foreshadows what she’s about to do, saying, “Killing a man at a wedding… horrid. What kind of monster would do something like that?” She’s a sly old bird.

Then, while Joffrey is choking, Ser Dontos approaches Sansa and tells her to come with him if she wants to live, knowing that her necklace could implicate her. In the books, Dontos takes Sansa to a boat, where Littlefinger is waiting for her. He explains to her that he hired Dontos to give her the necklace with the poison, which was then taken by Olenna to poison Joffrey. Littlefinger then kills Dontos in order to tie up loose ends before heading off to the Vale with Sansa.

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