Today we’re excited to announce the release of our new video, Battle of the Apps, in conjunction with a big update to our app.

About Battle of the Apps

In a world with countless apps, we wanted to create something fun and different that viewers would enjoy and share with their friends.

Vikings' Alexander Ludwig

Vikings’ Alexander Ludwig

Alexander Ludwig (Hunger Games, Lone Survivor) who can be seen most recently in the hit show, Vikings, stars in the video as Tikr.  When he heard about the idea, he immediately jumped on board to take part in it.


What’s New in Version 2.1

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Our team of time travelers work tirelessly to bring you the most exciting releases and events you don’t want to miss. The most anticipated technology and entertainment that is yet to come. iPhone 6, the iWatch, the Hunger Games… you get the idea.

Socialize with people who like what you like and follow Tikrs to get the inside scoop as you countdown along the way.

Life is fun when you have something to look forward to.

***As seen on KTLA, USA Today, App Advice, and iDownloadBlog***

You can read the most recent release notes here.

Popular Tikrs

Below are some Tikrs the Tikr community is excited for.

Tikr App Screenshot

Google Smartwatch Tikr

Godzilla Tikr

Godzilla Tikr

Mario Kart 8 Tikr

Mario Kart 8 Tikr

Orange is the New Black Tikr

Orange is the New Black Tikr

Champions League Final Tikr

Champions League Final Tikr

Facebook Buys Tikr: Tikr

Facebook Buys Tikr: Tikr














User Stories

“This is a really great app. I like the countdowns and comments you can leave” – Sandra

“I really like this app… A lot easier than twitter” – Kayla

“I wish I had this app before Xbox One dropped” – Marcin

“It’s hard to know what you’re excited about until you see it all in front of you” – Devry

“I saw the trailer to 22 Jump Street before anyone else” – Ashley


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